Mariscos Alex

From the ocean to your plate

Mariscos Alex is a Hispanic and woman-owned seafood food truck best known for serving the most delicious Nayarit Style Seafood in all of Compton, CA!

Mariscos Alex was founded by Amparo Villagomez, a hardworking mother who gave everything to provide a better future for her and her family. She didn’t stop till she reached her lifelong dream of being a business owner and bringing a little bit of home to her community through her traditional family recipes.

Family-owned and operated, the Mexican food truck named after Amparo’s youngest son is famous for its fresh, authentic seafood delights from Nayarit, a small Mexican state along the Pacific Ocean known for it’s incredible food and beaches. The Villagomez family works daily to give the community a taste of their native land, bringing authenticity and unity through freshly handmade Mexican dishes.

If you’re wondering where to find the best Mexican food truck in Compton, Los Angeles, Mariscos Alex is where you need to go. Everything here is made from scratch on-site, with always fresh and high-quality meat, fish, and ingredients and authentic recipes that will transport you straight to Méxicos sandy beaches in one bite.

Come by and try the best ceviche, tortas, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, mulitas, and much more! The most exquisite platillos are waiting for you, ranging from home-made Asada, pastor, Cabeza and shrimp Mulitas and Quesadillas, always fresh and delicious Shrimp, Pescado, the best Pozoles, a great variety of Tacos like the Shrimp and Chicken Tacos, richly filled Chimichangas, Shrimp Cocktails, the famous El patrón with cooked and raw Camarón and cold Octopus, and much, much more! And if you are looking for an incredible ceviche, we have a stellar dish that you just can’t miss: our emblematic Ceviche Tres Animales; delicious, fresh, and carefully prepared with everything in its right measure. A delicacy among delicacies.

And of course, you can’t leave without tasting our familias special Aguas Frescas, simply riquísimas! Whatever you choose, you’ll be dancing with happiness with every bite; at Mariscos Alex, your cravings are sure to be satisfied.
If you are looking for the best seafood in Compton, CA, come by our food truck at the corner of Santa Fe Ave & Greenleaf Blvd, next to 1810 S Santa Fe Ave, and find out for yourself! We’re open every Monday to Saturday, from 10 to 5 daily! Hop off the Gardena Fwy in the direction of Greenleaf Blv; we are conveniently located near Compton College, Emerson Elementary School, and Compton Highschool, just a few blocks from Compton DMV, South Park, and Greenleaf Parkway.

You can also order the most delicious seafood takeout in Los Angeles straight from your home and pre-order for pickup! We’ll get your tasty cravings ready for you in no time. Place your order for Take-Out, or Delivery; you’ll thank yourself later! And if you are searching for great catering, with Mariscos Alex Catering, you’ll sure take your party to the next level. It’s not called the best Mexican seafood catering in Compton for nothing; you can bet on that.

Anyway, and anyhow you taste Mariscos Alex, you’ll always be in for a delicious plate of Mexican cuisine and that exceptional Latino warmth every time you’re greeted at the counter. Come and see it by yourself!